Alain Caparros
Alain Caparros
CEO of REWE Group
We at REWE Group have
one goal: safeguarding the future
of coming generations.
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Key Figures 2013

REWE Group


Total External Revenue REWE Group

2013 50.59 bn euros
2012 49.18 bn euros


Number of Stores REWE Group

2013 14,888
2012 14,566


Number of Employees REWE Group

2013 329,418
2012 327,600

REWE Combine


Revenue REWE Combine

2013 41,968.8 mn euros
2012 41,060.3 mn euros



2013 1,255.9 mn euros
2012 1,210.9 mn euros



2013 466.0 mn euros
2012 403.7 mn euros

REWE GroupREWE Group: A Start-up with an 87-Year History

New Business Models in Stationary
and Digital Trade

The rising use of smartphones and tablets is intensifying the digital demands on trade. The portable Internet is becoming a part of shopping. Consumers are now buying food in local stores or online shops. And they are booking their holidays in travel agencies or on websites. The digitalisation of business will be the central challenge in years to come. REWE Group will focus first on setting up and expanding its e-commerce activities. At the same time, its stationary business will be systematically modernised and adapted to the current technical challenges posed by the Digital Age and customer needs.

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New Business Models in
Stationary and Digital Trade

REWE Group Digital

REWE Group has already taken its first step into the digital world. At REWE, BILLA and MERKUR, customers can now order food with a simple click of the mouse. In the Travel and Tourism segment, the online platform serves as the digital complement to the DER Touristik sales network.
The new business unit REWE Digital will further expand the company’s e-commerce offerings and implant digitalisation into the DNA of the cooperative Combine, from marketing to sales and from purchasing to logistics. This is accompanied by the systematic modernisation of the stationary stores.
It is a key challenge to link the
online and offline worlds.
Alain Caparros, CEO of REWE Group

National Full-Range StoresREWE Pushes Innovative Formats

New Momentum with REWE to go, TEMMA and REWE online

Time and convenience are two factors that are becoming increasingly important in today’s world, as lifestyles and buying patterns are changing. To continue to fulfil customers’ needs at any time and any place in future, REWE is developing innovative concepts and formats, setting standards in the food retail sector. The convenience concept “REWE to go” acts as an alternative to fast-food franchises and bakeries, offering delicious and fresh ready-to-eat products. If customers do not have enough time to go shopping, they can order on REWE online with only a few clicks of the mouse. With TEMMA, REWE is responding to the growing demand for organic foods.

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generated by the supermarket
business in Germany
New Momentum with REWE to go,
TEMMA and REWE online

An Overview of Innovative Formats

REWE to go

The assortment offered by REWE to go stores includes many ready-to-eat fresh and convenience foods: salads, sushi, wraps, baked goods, fruit cups and refreshments.

test shops

based on the REWE to go
concept will be opened at
Aral petrol stations in 2014

REWE online

Customers can find more than 8,500 items in the online shop, including meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables, refrigerated products and everyday items. Purchases can be picked up or delivered.


In the seven TEMMA stores currently in operation, customers can find both regional products and specialities from all parts of the world – which are always and exclusively organic. TEMMA melds market flair, organic philosophy, emotion and gastronomy.
Sales brands of the National Full-Range Stores business segment

International Full-Range StoresThe Trend of Regionality

Local Diversity in the Store

To consumers, regionality means confidence in quality, freshness and sustainability. For this reason, demand for regional foods has been growing for years. Regional products also give a boost to businesses in the area and travel shorter distances to stores. REWE International AG is responding to this trend and has systematically expanded the range of regional products offered in its BILLA, MERKUR, ADEG and BIPA stores. The changes can be seen in “BILLA Regional Regal”, MERKUR’s regional initiative “Das Beste aus unseren Regionen” (The Best Products From Our Regions) and ADEG’s “Echt regional – von Land & Leut” (Really Regional – from the Country and People). In 2014, BIPA drugstores began to put a special focus on Austrian products by introducing the new store brand “bi good”. In eastern Europe, International Full-Range Stores have made regionality a high priority at BILLA and have introduced regional store brands in several countries.

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in revenue

was produced by
Full-Range Stores
in Austria
Local Diversity in
the Store

Regional Initiatives of
REWE International AG

For years now, the Austrian stores of REWE International AG have been buying products from regional producers. One hundred per cent of all beef, pork, eggs and poultry come from Austria. The percentage of regional or Austrian items in the entire product range is continuously being expanded.

BILLA Regional Regal

BILLA stores set aside a special place for products that come from regional producers in the particular region. More than 200 producers from 32 regions are represented throughout Austria with more than 1,000 products.

The MERKUR Regional Initiative

Under the motto Das Beste aus unseren Regionen, the MERKUR Regional Initiative is striving to increasingly promote regional producers. Today, MERKUR is offering 4,000 products from more than 350 regional suppliers.

ADEG: Echt regional –
von Land & Leut

The regional product range of ADEG retailers is based on three pillars: the regional wholesale product range, the products “Gutes vom Bauernhof” (Good Products from the Farm) and local goods from suppliers in the respective region. In 2014, ADEG began to bundle this regional variety under the name Echt regional – von Land & Leut. A focal point of this effort is the seasonal availability of products.

BIPA: bi good Household
Products from Austria

Under the store brand bi good, BIPA has been offering environmentally conscious household products since April 2014. The sustainable bi good products are certified, have little impact on nature and are produced and packaged using environmentally friendly material. All of them come from Austria.
Sales brands of the International Full-Range Stores business segment
Vollsortiment National

National Discount Storespenny to go:
Products from PENNY

A Diverse Range of Ready-to-Eat Products for People on the Go

Consumers’ eating habits are changing. A snack eaten on the run frequently takes the place of a meal cooked at home, and takeaways have never been so popular. A smoothie drunk on the go, a quick snack consumed during a break and a ready-made soup eaten at home are necessities. Convenience and chilled foods are the trends that define this demand for easy-to-consume foods. PENNY is responding to this food trend with the new store brand “penny to go”. This highly diverse product range contains around 80 ready-to-eat items.

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increase in

was generated by
in Germany
A Diverse Range of
Ready-to-Eat Products
for People on the Go

A Highly Diverse To-Go
Range all Year Round

The penny to go range includes new food trends while maintaining proven convenience items like salads, raw fruit and vegetables as well as soups. These include vegetable smoothies, the classic American club sandwich and new fruit-juice combinations. The product range is modified and expanded to reflect the season, depending on the availability of products.
penny to go

Around 80

are included in the
penny to go range
Sales brand of the National Discount Stores
business segment
Penny to go-Labels

International Discount StoresPENNY International:
Training Based on the German Model

Young Employees Get Ready for the Future

Qualified skilled employees are in short supply – because of the demographic shift not only in Germany but also in other European countries. Only a few countries have qualified occupational training programmes with reliable, verifiable standards that are used as an effective way to ensure a new generation of highly qualified employees as is the case in Germany. For this reason, PENNY International is employing Germany’s dual training model in southern and eastern Europe. In Italy, young people have had the opportunity to participate in a retail management-assistant training programme at PENNY since 2013.

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worked for PENNY in Italy,
Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic,
Romania and Bulgaria in 2013
Young Employees Get
Ready for the Future

Dual Training Programme
at PENNY International

The dual training programme at PENNY International is being conducted in cooperation with the German Chamber of International Commerce (AHK) in Italy. During the three-year programme, trainees learn a number of key skills, including teamwork, customer orientation
and an entrepreneurial mindset. The diploma is government-certified in Germany. The expansion of the model to Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic and Hungary is currently being prepared and implementation is planned for autumn 2014.
Twenty trainees began
the first year of
the dual
training programme in Italy.


worked for PENNY
in Italy in 2013.
Sales brands of the International Discount Stores
business segment
Penny International

National Specialist StoresCertified Green

toom Baumarkt Green Buildings Protect the Climate and Environment

Climate and environmental protection is playing an increasingly important role every day. For this reason, “green architecture” has gained a much higher priority during the planning and construction phases of specialist stores. toom Baumarkt DIY stores are determined to be an industry leader and have committed themselves to boosting their energy efficiency, cutting climate-relevant emissions and conserving resources – in addition to offering a more sustainable product range. The two toom Baumarkt DIY stores in Nieder-Olm and Bebra are the first DIY stores in Germany to meet all criteria leading to silver certification by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

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in energy usage is
achieved by a toom Baumarkt
Green Building
toom Baumarkt Green Buildings
Protect the Climate and Environment

More Sustainable DIY Stores

Energy usage of a toom Baumarkt Green Building can be reduced by 35 per cent compared with that of a similarly sized conventional store. This is achieved by using a ventilation system that is controlled by CO2 sensors and recovers waste heat. A contribution to the conservation of resources is made by employing a smart light-management system that takes its cues from the amount of sunlight
available throughout the day and by using natural groundwater from an underground well to water plants and flowers. In addition to energy-efficient and economic construction practices, these stores also focus on creating environmentally conscious product ranges.
A 25,000-litre cistern located below the garden centre in Nieder-Olm collects rainwater that is used to water plants. This helps to conserve around 600,000 litres of water every year.


additional green buildings
will be opened in Lübbecke
and Jülich this year
Sales brands of the National Specialist Stores
business segment
Fachmarkt National

Travel and TourismDER Touristik Makes Holiday Dreams Come True – Online and in Travel Agencies

Holiday Wishes Come True

Holiday wishes and booking habits are becoming more and more unique and complex. Many customers find inspiration online and then head to a nearby travel agency to obtain assistance and book their holiday. DER Touristik is working to combine the strengths of its approximately 2,100 own and cooperating travel agencies and of the Internet and to link all sales channels to one another. This will enable it to be in those places where people search for trips and obtain their travel assistance – online and at the counter. The focus is always on customers and their individual holiday wishes. The goal: to offer the right trip for every wish and to support holidaymakers in each phase of their journey.

6.2 million

travel each year
with DER Touristik
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Holiday Wishes
Come True

An Overview of DER Touristik

The seven tour operator brands of Germany’s second-largest travel and tourism group offer products for every taste and budget: the component tour operators Dertour, Meier’s Weltreisen and ADAC Reisen, the package tour operators ITS, Jahn Reisen and Tjaereborg and With its DER travel agency sales network, DER Touristik runs Germany’s most concentrated sales network. Added to this are the internet portal and various special and hotel brands. In business travel sales, DER Touristik ranks number two in Germany with FCm Travel Solutions and Derpart Travel Service.


worked for DER Touristik
in 2013
Brands of the Travel and Tourism business segment

OtherIT and Logistics Solutions for Future-Compliant Stores

Mobile Payment, Electronic Shelf Labels and RED 63

Along with product ranges, a store’s services and state-of-the-art technical equipment increasingly are the features that attract customers. Convenient forms of payment, for instance via smartphone, are already used in the stores of REWE Group. Other innovations at the point of sale, including electronic price displays, provide the flexibility and price consistency needed to satisfy customers and optimise work processes in stores. With its sustainable logistics centre RED 63, REWE Group has reached a milestone in its logistics offensive.

More than ever before, IT and
logistics are the key success
factors in German food retail.
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Mobile Payment, Electronic
Shelf Labels and RED 63

Mobile Payment

More and more REWE stores allow customers to pay with their smartphones via Yapital – an e-money institute. In the process, the customer selects the Yapital payment option at the card terminal, scans a QR code with his or her mobile phone and confirms the payment.

Electronic Shelf Labels

Price information on the shelves at REWE stores is increasingly being provided by electronic shelf labels (ESL). The easy-to-read electronic labels have a number of benefits. When prices change, for instance, no one has to replace the price labels on the shelves. The prices are also entered into the cash register system. In addition to the ESL, a printed label continues to provide product information.
With Yapital, a payment app has
found its way into REWE stores.


can be supplied each day
by the RED 63
logistics centre
The centre has the capacity
to store up to 68,000 pallets
in a high-bay warehouse.
Logistikzentrum RED 63

Logistics centre RED 63 in Neu-Isenburg

Beginning in October 2014, all National Full-Range Stores with small-volume items and products with low sales rates in the dry product range will be supplied from the REWE distribution centre RED 63. In addition to using proven high-bay-racking and small-part picking technology, this centre will employ fully automated display picking technology and the world’s first operational ergonomic picking system. In this process, the order picker will use shelf-access equipment to reach items stored up to 12 metres high.
Sales brands of the Other business segment

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