Total Revenue of REWE Group

2015 52.38 bn euros
2014 50.71 bn euros
* Adjusted for exchange rate effects


Total Revenue of REWE Combine

2015 43.69 bn euros
2014 42.16 bn euros
* Adjusted for exchange rate effects

»The art is to not only react to change, but to shape the change ourselves. Our 330,000 employees will turn the metamorphosis of our industry into a success

Alain Caparros, CEO
of REWE Group
Foreword by the CEO
Changed Shopping Worlds

Things Used
to Be Different

Nutrition Trends

Quick and
Tasty Treats

PENNY International

Service atthe discounter

The Future of Travel Sales

and Digital

Maximal G and Today

Store Brands

REWE Far East / toom Baumarkt DIY Stores

A Good

Markets and Brands
REWE Green Building

open, bright

Online Shop

Billa delivers

Self-Scanning Cash Registers, REWE App & More

The Digital
World of Trade

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