Milestones of the Year 2017 

For REWE Group, 2017 was a successful and exceptional year. REWE Group achieved inorganic and organic growth. The milestones of the year include new store concepts, a continued course of digitalisation and the internationalisation strategy of DER Touristik Group.


WLAN in REWE-Märkten

WI-FI in REWE stores

REWE is successively adding free Wi-Fi service that customers can use in its stores. At the end of 2017, all supermarkets offered this new, free service.

MERKUR launches expansion campaign

The year of 2017 was the strongest year of expansion in the history of MERKUR. With an investment level of 100 million euros, it included seven new openings and six remodellings throughout Austria.


Conversion of 64 Kaiser’s Tengelmann stores to REWE successfully completed

The conversion of the 64 Kaiser’s Tengelmann stores to REWE was completed at the end of March. In less than three months, the coffee pot was replaced by the red REWE logo 60 times in Berlin alone – inside and outside the stores.


PENNY 2020 sales concept

PENNY begins to remodel its stores in line with the new sales concept PENNY 2020, which calls for a broader range of fresh and convenience products that includes Penny to go and Heat&Eat. The fruit and vegetable department, the bake-off area and the dry-food section have been reworked as well. The highlight of the remodelling work is the new wood-like rack for wine, sparkling wine and alcoholic beverages that creates a warm, cosy atmosphere perfectly complementing the products themselves.


sky becomes REWE

At the end of 2016, REWE Markt GmbH acquired a majority stake in Supermärkte Nord Vertriebs GmbH, a company founded as part of a joint venture with Coop. A total of 38 sky stores located in the north-eastern German state of Western Pomerania are scheduled to be remodelled according to the REWE concept by mid-2019.


Programme to lower the content of salt and sugar in REWE Group’s store brands

REWE and PENNY develop a programme for their store brands that is designed to optimise the amount of salt and sugar used in the recipes of their store brands.

Change in management: Alain Caparros ends his term as CEO

Alain Caparros ends his term as CEO of REWE Group on 30 June 2017. As part of the change, the Supervisory Board reorganises the Management Board and the areas overseen by its individual members. The new CEO of REWE Group is Lionel Souque. In this position, he oversees REWE Group’s entire food retail activities in Germany. Jan Kunath is named Deputy CEO with responsibility for international trade, purchasing and digitalisation. Beginning in October 2018, Dr Christian Mielsch (CFO) will assume responsibility for the toom Baumarkt DIY store segment from Frank Wiemer, who is leaving the company for age-related reasons. Sören Hartmann, the CEO DER Touristik Group, will be added to the Management Board of REWE Group on 1 July 2017.

REWE launches an online marketplace on

REWE opens an online marketplace on and sells exclusively selected partner products there. In future, customers will be able to purchase items separately in a joint shop or together with the products offered by the REWE delivery service. New items offered in the expanded product range of include toys, pet supplies, perfume, cosmetics and gift items.

BILLA opens a food fulfilment centre in Vienna

BILLA opens the first food fulfilment centre in food retailing in Austria. The growing number of BILLA online orders will be handled in this warehouse with more than 7,000 square metres of space. Employees in the warehouse manually pick the ordered products. All process steps are supported by state-of-the-art technical equipment.

Kuoni Reisen AG becomes DER Touristik Suisse AG

Kuoni Reisen AG is renamed in the summer of 2017: The company is now called “DER Touristik Suisse AG” and unites the strengths of DER Touristik in Germany with the local know-how of the traditional Swiss company under the company’s umbrella. At the same time, the headquarters of the tour-operator and specialist brands moves to Altstetten in Zurich.


Pilot project for in-egg chick sexing

In a partnership with the Institute of Physiological Chemistry at the University of Leipzig and Professor Dr Almuth Einspanier, REWE Group is working on a process called Seleggt with the aim of preparing it for series maturity. The Seleggt process uses fluid drawn from an egg to determine the sex of the embryo in it.

DER Touristik Group creates a group structure

DER Touristik Group undergoes a reorganisation: An international holding company is being created to optimise collaboration within the tourism division of REWE Group. In the first step of this process, the six German tour operators will be combined within DER Touristik Deutschland GmbH in August 2017.

PENNY launches online shop with non-food products

On the website, customers can now order selected special products, wine, sparkling wine and spirits around the clock. The products can be delivered either to the customer’s home or to a packing station.

REWE Group and REWE Dortmund form a joint venture

At their general meeting, the retailers of REWE Dortmund decide to set up a joint venture with REWE Group with 100 per cent approval: REWE Dortmund SE & Co. KG.


Regional products at BILLA in Bulgaria and Slovakia

In Bulgaria, local farmers are presenting their wares outside a number of BILLA stores as part of the “BILLA Gardens Campaign”. Regional products are also given extra attention in Slovakia with BILLA beginning to sell regional products in its stores. The eye-catching regional shelves where local producers display their wares round out the product range of BILLA stores across the country. The project was developed in cooperation with the Slovakian Ministry of Agriculture.

DER Touristik Group: new destination agencies in Africa and India

Two new destination agencies go into business in 2017: Go Vacation Africa and Go Vacation India. They cover the destinations of India, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. With the help of their teams, they serve as the first point of contact for holiday-makers.


REWE To Go opens 200th shop at ARAL petrol station

In Berlin, ARAL opens the 200th REWE To Go shop in one of its petrol stations. REWE Group created the concept of the REWE To Go shops.

REWE Group expands partnership with Payback and includes PENNY

Since March 2014, REWE customers have been able to collect and redeem Payback bonus points when they shop in stores or online. In spring 2018, PENNY is adding Payback to each of its 2,150 stores. The companies signed an agreement on the programme in Cologne. REWE also extends the successful arrangement with its 3,300 stores for five more years.

REWE Group invests in store network

In 2017, REWE Group reopens around 250 REWE and PENNY stores in Germany alone. Outside Germany, 200 further stores are reopened. According to the strategy pursued by the corporate group, digitalisation and stationary trade are not opposites, but are complementing each other.


100 years of DER – 100 years of holiday enchantment

DER Touristik in Germany looks back on 100 years of company history in 2017: Ever since it was established on 17 October 1917 in Berlin, the company once known as Deutsches Reisebüro has grown from a train ticket agency to one of Europe’s leading tourism groups. Today, more than 7 million guests take trips with DER Touristik Group’s tour operators each year.

REWE Group and the German Armed Forces set up a close partnership

REWE Group and the German Armed Forces agree on a carefully coordinated alliance designed to help service members leaving the military to find jobs in the civilian economy. The partnership creates a new way for REWE Group to meet its large demand for employees.

New PENNY logistics centre in Hungary

In Veszprém, the third PENNY logistics centre in Hungary goes into operation. The centre has 26,500 square metres of space.

PENNY Italy acquires TuoDi stores

With the acquisition of seven stores on the Ligurian coast from the Italian discounter TuoDi, PENNY bolsters its position in a difficult expansion area.


REWE builds food fulfilment center 2.0

REWE digital is building a state-of-the-art fulfilment centre in Cologne for online sales of fresh foods that is unique in Germany. The new warehouse will set standards for picking and food delivery.

FCM becomes DER Business Travel

The business travel unit of DER Touristik Group is now doing business under the new brand name DER Business Travel.

BILLA Drive In in Austria

BILLA becomes the first food retailer in Austria to introduce a drive-in concept. Customers can easily and effortlessly pick up ordered products in the pilot store in Vienna. BILLA plans to expand the concept in Austria.


toom Baumarkt DIY stores: order online, pick up in stores

toom Baumarkt introduces a new service in approximately 80 stores: Customers can order their products online, reserve them, and then pick them up in the store.

Contract extension for Jan Kunath and Dr Christian Mielsch

The Supervisory Board of REWE-Zentralfinanz eG extends the Management Board contracts of Jan Kunath and Dr Christian Mielsch for five years each until December 2022 in a step that ensures continuity in the company.

Frank Hensel becomes a member of the Supervisory Board of REWE International AG

Frank Hensel, the former CEO of REWE International AG, will join the Supervisory Board of REWE International AG at the beginning of 2018. The Management Board of REWE International AG is composed of Marcel Haraszti, Janusz Kulik, Michael Jäger, Franz Nebel and Christoph Matschke.

BILLA expansion offensive in Austria

In 2017, BILLA expanded its branch network in Austria, which now includes 1,069 stores, by building 31 new stores. Fourty-eight existing stores have been remodelled.

BILLA successfully continues its expansion in Russia

In 2017, BILLA Russia has straightened its positioning at the Russian market. Twelve new stores were opened in the business year. At the end of 2017, BILLA was active with 122 stores in Russia. The expansion is focused on Moscow and the Moscow region.