Income Statement

for the Financial Year from 1 January to 31 December 2017
in million €Note no.20172016
Revenue 949,424.345,636.0
Change in inventory44.130.6
Other operating income 103,397,63,648.0
Cost of materials 11-36,992.7-33,985.0
Personnel expenses 12-6,735.3-6,161.7
Depreciation, amortisation and impairments 13-1,111.3-1,156.5
Other operating expenses 14-7,535.3-7,151.8
Operating result491.4859.6
Results from companies accounted for using the equity method 1534.446.8
Results from the measurement of derivative financial instruments 16-13.9-0.5
  Interest and similar income12.658.6
  Interest and similar expenses-52.1-73.4
Interest result 17-39.5-14.8
Other financial income 182.4-2.7
Financial result-16.628.8
Earnings before taxes474.8888.4
Taxes on income 19-133.0-396.1
Results from continuing operations 341.8492.3
Results from discontinued operations 5-4.0-29.8
Net income for the year337.8462.5
Net income for the year attributable to shareholders of the parent companies 342.3456.5
Net income for the year attributable to non-controlling interests-4.56.0