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in million €Subscribed  capitalCapital reservesRetained earningsOther reservesTreasury sharesEquity parent companyNon-controlling interestsTotal
Reserve for cash flow hedgesReserve for available-for-sale financial assetsRevaluation reserveDifference from currency translationReserve for at-equity accounting components taken directly to equityReserve for deferred taxes
As at 1 Jan. 201638.730.85.305.,262.341.25,303.5
Currency translation adjustments0.
Available-for-sale securities0.
Cash flow hedges0.
Remeasurement of defined-benefit pension0.00.0-
Other comprehensive income of associates and joint ventures0.
Other comprehensive income0.00.0-47.631.
Net income for the year0.00.0456.
Comprehensive income0.00.0408.931.
Dividend distribution0.00.0-
Changes in equity by shareholders0.00.0-
Changes in the scope of consolidation0.
Acquisitions of non-controlling interests0.00.0-
Transfer between reserves0.
Other changes in equity0.
Ending balance as at 31 Dec. 201638.730.85,704.641.52.51.0-92.1-0.3-12.0-17.75,697.048.55,745.5
  • *Prior-year amounts adjusted in accordance with the provisions relating to business combinations (IFRS 3).