Balance Sheet Disclosures


28. Other Assets

Breakdown of Other Assets
in million €Remaining term31 Dec. 2017
Remaining term31 Dec. 2016
Up to 1 yearMore than 1 yearUp to 1 yearMore than 1 year
Receivables from other taxes103.30.0103.368.90.068.9
Deferred assets37.157.995.
Deferred discounts from central settlement51.50.051.551.20.051.2
Receivables from prepayments and security deposits25.923.
Deferred commissions from travel agencies27.70.027.726.90.026.9
Receivables from former partners from partnership model5.
Reimbursement rights against trust associations2.
Interest on corporate income tax and trade tax reimbursements0.

The increase in receivables from other taxes related primarily to increased VAT receivables for RZF. 

Prepaid expenses included prepaid rents, service fees, maintenance fees, construction cost and investment subsidies and tourism services, with the construction and investment subsidies for the construction of REWE to go stores in particular resulting in this increase.

Allowances of 0.6 million euros were recognised on receivables from former partners of REWE partner companies in the financial year (previous year: 0.4 million euros).

Changes in the various assets resulted in particular from the increase in receivables from the Kuoni Group (11.7 million euros). The first-time consolidation of REWE Dortmund SE & Co. KG, Dortmund, also influenced this line item.