Balance Sheet Disclosures


27. Trade Receivables

Breakdown of Trade Receivables
in million €31 Dec. 201731 Dec. 2016
Trade receivables from third parties875.7907.9
Trade receivables from associates358.0313.8
Trade receivables from joint ventures25.019.2
Trade receivables from affiliated companies3.40.1
Trade receivables from other long-term investments0.30.3

Due to the large number of customers at different locations, there is no concentration of credit risk.

Change in Allowances on Trade Receivables
in million €20172016
As at 1 Jan.123.2124.5
Changes in scope of consolidation-77.40.5
Reclassifications of discontinued operations0.00.4
Exchange rate effects and other changes0.00.3
As at 31 Dec.56.1123.2