Other Disclosures


43. Events after the Balance Sheet Date

In February 2018, RIF placed a non-tradable promissory note loan with a total volume of 1.0 billion euros. The note was placed with approximately 250 investors, primarily from German savings and cooperative banks as well as national and international commercial banks, in various maturity tranches from three to ten years.

In March 2018, DER Touristik Group GmbH, Cologne, acquired all shares in Travel Lab SAS, Saint-Ouen, France. The acquisition will enable the REWE Group to tap into a new source market. Travel Lab SAS is a tour operator which mainly offers guided tours, beach holidays at locations in the Indian Ocean and exclusive cruises. The high-quality offering also includes travel to more than 50 countries around the world. 

No other significant events became known between the end of the reporting period and the time of approval of the Combined Financial Statements.