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As a trade and tourism company, REWE Group is part of the world of 12 million customers every day: whether shopping for food, DIY or gardening items, managing business trips or planning their next holiday.



IN GERMANY AND 21 OTHER COUNTRIES, the company offers in its stores, travel agencies and online platforms great products and innovative services that make people’s lives more pleasant and convenient. As a cooperative with a tradition of over 90 years, we have a deep understanding of our environmental and social obligations towards future generations. Securing a sustainable future is our mission.


“Revisionsverband der Westkaufgenossenschaften” – or simply: REWE – for the purpose of organising the joint buying of food. From these beginnings a cooperative group was born that today is present and successful internationally.

Since 2008, sustainability has been an integral part of REWE Group’s mission and daily business through the company’s combine-wide sustainability management. The approach is based on four pillars: “Green Products”, “Energy, Climate and the Environment”, “Employees” and “Social Engagement”.


REWE Group generates more than


per cent

of its total external revenue in Germany.

Food retail is the Group’s major core business. REWE Group is present in Germany with its REWE and nahkauf supermarkets, the discounter PENNY and convenience store REWE To Go. Online food shopping has been possible for several years via With its delivery and pick-up service, REWE Group is one of the major players in online food trade.

REWE Group is also present in Germany with its toom Baumarkt DIY stores. REWE Group operates BILLA supermarkets and PENNY discount stores in 9 other European countries. With its BILLA stores, REWE Group is present in Bulgaria, Austria, Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. With PENNY, it is active in Austria, Italy, Romania, the Czech Republic and Hungary. MERKUR consumer stores in Austria and stores operated by independent ADEG retailers also belong to the Group, as do BIPA drug stores in Austria and Croatia as well as IKI stores in Lithuania.

Sales Lines

REWE Group brings together a diverse and modern range of sales formats and brands under its umbrella.
It turns stationary and online shopping into a special experience.

As of: December 2018

Travel and Tourism



Around 10 million customers travel to 179 countries each year using DER Touristik Group.

DER Touristik Group
is present in
15 European countries

THE SECOND CORE BUSINESS of REWE Group has been Travel and Tourism since 1988. DER Touristik Group operates a network of travel experts that works in 15 European countries. With 17 tour operators – including well-known brands like DERTOUR, ITS, Kuoni, Apollo and Exim Tours – DER Touristik Group focuses on variety. Around 30 travel specialists like Kirker and Manta Reisen aimed at special and demanding target groups complement its travel offering.