Balance Sheet Disclosures


Breakdown of Cash and Cash Equivalents
in million €31 Dec. 201831 Dec. 2017
Cash-in-hand and store money454.1426.2
Bank balances185.0226.1
Cheques received0.11.1
Bank overdrafts-4.4-1.8
Funds according to cash flow statement634.8651.6

The cash-in-hand and store money essentially presented cash-in-hand at stores and funds in transit at cash transportation companies. The increase is due in part to the higher number of stores and the first-time inclusion of UAB Palink.

The bank balances include both current account balances and demand and time deposits.

The cash and cash equivalents, less the overdraft facilities presented under liabilities to banks, shown here comprise the cash funds within the meaning of the cash flow statement. The change in cash funds is presented in the cash flow statement (see note 38 "Cash Flow Statement").