Balance Sheet Disclosures


Information Regarding Associates
in million €31 Dec. 201831 Dec. 2017
Group's share of results from continuing operations45.629.2
Group's share of comprehensive income45.629.2
Carrying amount of shares in associates115.4102.4

The associates are primarily 1,214 REWE partner companies (previous year: 1,151).

Of the increase in the Group's share of the comprehensive income of 16.4 million euros, 13.6 million was due to a company held for sale in the previous year.

The equity investment in UAB Palink was again accounted for using the equity method in the financial year after the "available for sale" criteria were no longer met. The measurement was applied retrospectively from the date the company was classified as "available for sale".

In January 2018, a further 11.23 per cent was acquired for 30.7 million euros; thus, the total shareholding as at this date amounted to 55.58 per cent. However, this equity investment did not constitute control over the company, as that would have required a qualified majority of more than 60.0 per cent.

As at 31 July 2018, a further 13.27 per cent was acquired for 21.7 million euros, bringing the shareholding as at this date to 68.85 per cent. This constituted control for the first time, so that as at this date the equity method was applied for the last time and the accounting treatment transitioned to that of a fully consolidated subsidiary. The amount for adjusting the previously held shares is recognised under other operating income (see note 10 "Other Operating Income").

Change in Carrying Amount of the Equity Investment
in million € 
As at 1 Jan. 201880.0
Pro rata results – 201813.6
Acquisition of shares – January 201830.7
Adjustment of existing shares in accordance with IFRS 3.4211.1
As at 31 July 2018135.4

Further explanations can be found in note 4 "Acquisitions".

Information Regarding Joint Ventures
in million €31 Dec. 201831 Dec. 2017
Group's share of results from continuing operations6.45.2
Group's share of other comprehensive income-0.40.0
Group's share of comprehensive income6.05.0
Carrying amount of shares in joint ventures45.641.4