Balance Sheet Disclosures


Breakdown of Other Financial Assets
in million €Remaining term31 Dec. 2018
Remaining term31 Dec. 2017
Up to
1 year
More than
1 year
Up to
1 year
More than
1 year
Trade payables with debit balances659.40.0659.4302.90.0302.9
Claims from supplier compensation252.10.0252.1240.80.0240.8
Loans to associates42.8133.2176.052.6119.0171.6
Other loans18.169.787.827.653.481.0
Receivables from derivative financial instruments32.80.032.825.20.025.2
Loans to joint ventures28.31.930.210.21.511.7
Other equity investments0.019.819.80.026.426.4
Shares in associates0.
Shares in affiliated companies0.
Other receivables from financial transactions23.69.833.422.27.429.6

The increase in trade payables with debit balances relates mainly to the Retail Germany business segment.

Claims from supplier compensation relate to retrospective compensation claims from suppliers.

Loans to associates include primarily shareholder and start-up loans and merchandise credits to REWE partner companies. The increase is due primarily to the higher number of partner companies.

Other loans relate to, among other things, merchandise credits, loans to lessors and start-up loans to other related parties.

The receivables from derivative financial instruments primarily concern currency derivatives. They essentially resulted from currency hedges of the Travel and Tourism business segment. Further explanations of changes in derivative financial instruments can be found in note 40 "Financial Risk Management".

The loans to joint ventures essentially include loans to REWE PETZ GmbH, Wissen, and to EURELEC TRADING SCRL, Brussels.

The other equity investments item is used mainly to report the shares in DZ BANK AG Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank, Frankfurt am Main, and in Home24 GmbH, Berlin. The decrease is due primarily to the disposal of some of the shares in DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank and the measurement of these equity investments (see note 7 "Accounting Policies").

From the financial year onwards, shares in associates and shares in affiliated companies that for reasons of immateriality are not accounted for using the equity method or fully consolidated in the consolidated financial statements, are recognised under other assets (see note 28 "Other Assets").