General Accounting Principles of the Combined Financial Statements



BILLA Croatia was classified as a discontinued operation in 2016 and deconsolidated as at 31 March 2017. This resulted in a loss of 4.0 million euros, which was attributable exclusively to the shareholders of the parent company. In the previous year, the result included 1.1 million euros in income tax expenses.

In connection with the disposal of this discontinued operation, provisions amounting to 3.5 million euros were recognised. Upon derecognition of the discontinued operation, this amount was reclassified to other provisions.

Prior to reclassification in accordance with IFRS 5, all income and expenses from intra-Group transactions were eliminated between the discontinued and continuing operations in the previous year. This amounted to 5.6 million euros and related to cost of materials.

Real Estate

The properties classified as held for sale in the previous year were sold in the financial year. During the financial year, three properties held by Retail International were classified as held for sale.

UAB Palink

Since it is no longer intended to be sold, UAB Palink, which had been classified as held for sale in the previous year, was for the time being again reported under companies accounted for using the equity method (see note 4 "Acquisitions" and note 25 "Companies Accounted for Using the Equity Method").