Income Statement Disclosures


Breakdown of Interest Result
in million € 20182017
Interest and similar income22.712.6
Interest income from taxes14.75.9
Interest income from financing activities3.42.6
Other interest income4.64.1
Interest and similar expenses-74.0-52.1
Interest expense from financing activities-31.8-15.1
Interest expense from finance leases-21.1-15.7
Interest expense from additions to defined-benefit pension provisions-11.2-10.4
Interest expense from discounting assets and compounding liabilities-6.2-2.4
Interest expense from taxes-1.7-3.0
Interest expense from derivative financial instruments-1.3-0.5
Other interest expens-0.7-5.0

The net interest result fell year on year by a total of 11.8 million euros.

Interest income from taxes increased by 8.8 million euros. It relates primarily to interest on corporate income tax, trade tax and VAT reimbursement claims as well as income from the reversal of provisions for interest on tax audit risks.

The increase in the interest expenses from financing activities by 16.7 million euros resulted mainly from the rise in borrowing for investments, in particular from the raising of promissory loan notes.

The interest expenses from finance leases relate primarily to the Retail Germany business segment. The increase is due chiefly to the first-time inclusion of REWE Dortmund Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, Dortmund, for the entire year.

The net interest expense from defined benefit pension plans essentially resulted from the compounding of obligations for pensions and similar post-employment obligations. For the changes in the measurement parameters and of the net interest expense from defined benefit pension plans, see note 33 "Employee Benefits".