Income Statement Disclosures


Revenue increased year-on-year by a total of 8.0 per cent.

Classification of Revenue by Business Segments
in million €20182017
Retail Germany31,443.728,621.1
Retail International14,242.713,353.5
Travel and Tourism4,880.04,649.6
DIY Stores2,151.12,130.8

Virtually all business segments recorded increases in revenue.

Retail Germany recorded a 9.9 per cent increase in revenue. The positive revenue trend is supported by the development of REWE's own stores (including REWE to go) and the Penny stores, as well as by wholesale activities. Furthermore, REWE Dortmund SE & Co. KG, Dortmund, contributed significantly to the increase in revenue.

Adjusted for currency effects, the Retail International business segment posted revenue growth in all countries, which amounted to 7.1 per cent overall (6.7 per cent including currency translation effects). The increase in revenue was due primarily to the Full-Range stores segment in Central and Eastern Europe. Particularly high revenue increases were generated in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which were due mainly to the positive performance of the existing stores and to expansion activities. Furthermore, UAB Palink, which was fully consolidated for the first time as at 1 August 2018, contributed significantly to the increase in revenue. The Austrian Full-Range Stores segment reported a continued positive revenue trend, which was attributable mainly to food retail. Penny International's revenue also made a contribution to this positive development: this was caused by the revenue trend in the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary in particular.

The Travel and Tourism business segment closed the year with a revenue increase of 5.0 per cent. The increases in revenue are attributable primarily to the continued positive development in Northern and Eastern Europe. The newly developed source market, France, in particular contributed to the growth in revenue. Significant revenue increases were also recorded in Central Europe and the target destination agencies. Overall, the recovery by the destinations Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey and the high demand for travel to Greece had a positive effect on the revenue trend.

In the DIY Stores business segment, revenue increased by 1.0 per cent. The increase in revenue at DIY stores was attributable mainly to the positive performance by the retail stores. Expansion activities as well as existing stores contributed to this growth.

Timing of Revenue Recognition
in million €Retail GermanyRetail InternationalTravel and TourismDIY StoresOtherTotal
At a point in time31,438.714,242.7362.62,140.3161.948,346.2
Over time5.00.04,517.410.8498.45,031.6

As at the reporting date, the groups did not have any contract assets but did have the following contract liabilities:

Contract Liabilities
in million €31 Dec. 2018
31 Dec. 2017
Prepayments received on account of orders559.6508.9
Liabilities from customer loyalty programmes106.887.2
Liabilities from vouchers95.289.2
Deferred liabilities50.338.4

Of the contract liabilities as at 1 January 2018, 591.6 million euros was recognised as revenue in the financial year.