Other Disclosures


In accordance with IAS 24, parties related to the groups are non-consolidated subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates, including their subsidiaries, as well as other entities and persons defined as follows: Management Board and Supervisory Board of RZAG and RZF and entities controlled, jointly controlled or significantly influenced by these persons or close members of their families.

Other related parties include primarily companies belonging to Für Sie Handelsgenossenschaft eG Food – Non Food, Cologne, DOEGO Fruchthandel Import eG, Dortmund, BUBI Frischdienst eG, Dortmund, and companies of Dohle Handelsgruppe Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Siegburg, which form part of the group of other related parties because they provide Supervisory Board members to RZF and RZAG. In addition to subsidiaries included in the Combined Financial Statements, RZF and RZAG have direct or indirect relations with a large number of non-consolidated companies and associates in the course of their normal business activities; these companies are considered related parties of RZF and RZAG. RZF and RZAG maintain significant business relations with the REWE partner companies, which are associates in which RZF has an indirect interest under the REWE partnership model. The supply of goods and services conducted as part of normal business activities primarily comprises the delivery of goods, leasing and services.

Goods and Services Received from or to Related Parties
in million €Volume of goods and services provided Volume of goods and services received
Subsidiaries (non-consolidated)
Joint ventures216.0213.40.8-0.5
Other related parties403.5415.321.229.4

The volume of goods and services provided to joint ventures relates mainly to goods deliveries amounting to 200.7 million euros (previous year: 189.5 million euros).

Goods and services supplied to associates are attributable mainly to deliveries of goods amounting to 6,678.9 million euros (previous year: 6,131.0 million euros) and to leases and services amounting to 618.7 million euros (previous year: 578.3 million euros) provided to the REWE partner companies.

The goods and services provided to other related parties relates mainly to goods deliveries amounting to 397.7 million euros (previous year: 403.4 million euros). The remaining amount for goods and services is due almost exclusively to leasing services and services provided to companies taking part in central settlement.

The goods and services received from associates primarily comprise expenses for services used and rental expenses. The goods and services received from other related parties are attributable almost entirely to expenses from leasing services.

Composition of Receivables from Related Parties
in million €31/12/201831/12/2017
Subsidiaries (non-consolidated)19.90.3
Joint ventures49.542.5
Other related parties131.0147.3

Receivables from non-consolidated subsidiaries are included in other receivables from financial transactions and trade receivables from affiliated companies (see note 26 "Other Financial Assets" and note 27 "Trade Receivables").

Receivables from associates relate primarily to goods supplied to REWE partner companies amounting to 477.4 million euros (previous year: 333.7 million euros) as well as loans to associates amounting to 178.4 million euros (previous year: 186.7 million). The loans mainly comprise shareholder loans and start-up loans to REWE partner companies (see note 26 "Other Financial Assets").

Receivables from other related parties are attributable mainly to central settlement receivables of 115.8 million euros (previous year: 129.1 million euros).

Composition of Liabilities to Related Parties
in million €31/12/201831/12/2017
Subsidiaries (non-consolidated)11.26.2
Joint ventures0.80.3
Other related parties45.363.6

Liabilities to non-consolidated subsidiaries are included in liabilities to affiliated companies and trade payables to affiliated companies (see note 35 "Other Financial Liabilities" and note 36 "Trade Payables").

Remuneration for Key Management Personnel

Total Remuneration for Key Management Personnel at RZF and RZAG as well as for Supervisory Board Members
in million €20182017
Management Board17.126.2
Supervisory Board1.51.2
Breakdown of Remuneration for Key Management Personnel
in million €20182017
Short-term benefits due13.420.1
Post-employment benefits*1.71.4
Other long-term benefits due3.52.4
Termination benefits0.03.5
  • * Total costs

A short-term and long-term performance-based profit-sharing and bonus programme is in place for the Management Board. As at 31 December 2018, a total of 10.4 million euros (previous year: 18.7 million euros) for this programme was recognised as liabilities.

Employee representatives elected to the Supervisory Board of RZF and RZAG continue to be entitled to a regular salary under their employment contract. The amount of remuneration is based on provisions agreed in the employment contract.

Pension Obligations for Current Key Management Personnel

Pension obligations of 8.7 million euros were recognised for Management Board members (previous year: 25.6 million euros).