REWE Group
Annual Report 2020

Key Figures

TOTAL EXTERNAL REVENUE of REWE Group increased thanks to the acquisition of Lekkerland in the 2020 business year by 20.4 per cent to 75.3 billion euros. Around 384,000 employees contribute to the company's success.


bn euros

Number of stores and travel agenciesand number of employees


stores and
travel agencies



REWE Group1
 20202019Change 2020/2019
Total External Revenuebn euros75.27 bn euros62.73 bn euros+20.0% (+20.4%*)
Germanybn euros53.41 bn euros44.42 bn euros+20.2%
Abroadbn euros21.85 bn euros18.30 bn euros+19.4% (+20.8%*)
Western Europebn euros14.50 bn euros10.11 bn euros+43.4%
Eastern Europebn euros7.16 bn euros7.28 bn euros-1.6% (+1.9%*)
Northern Europebn euros0.14 bn euros0.68 bn euros-79.0%
Countries Outside Europebn euros0.05 bn euros0.23 bn euros-79.0%
Number of Stores and Travel Agencies 15,74815,828-0.5%
Germany 10,57910,680-0.9%
Abroad 5,1695,148+0.4%
Western Europe 3,0503,068-0.6%
Eastern Europe 2,1142,075+1.9%
Northern Europe 55+0.0%
Number of Employees 383,873362,312+6.0%
Germany 281,449260,179+8.2%
Abroad 102,424102,133+0.3%
Independent Retail    
Revenuebn euros18.27 bn euros16.42 bn euros+11.2%
Germanybn euros17.82 bn euros15.97 bn euros+11.6%
Abroad (Western Europe)bn euros0.45 bn euros0.45 bn euros-1.2%
Number of Stores Supplied 6,2896,365-1.2%
Germany 5,8995,963-1.1%
Abroad (Western Europe) 390402-3.0%
REWE Combine
 20202019Change 2020/2019
Combine Revenue2, 3, 4bn euros68.23 bn euros55.28 bn euros+23.4%
External Revenue Business Segments    
Retail Germanybn euros34.74 bn euros32.32 bn euros+7.5%
Retail Internationalbn euros15.88 bn euros15.21 bn euros+4.4% (+6.1%*)
Conveniencebn euros13.08 bn euros0.00 bn euros>100%
DIY Storesbn euros2.66 bn euros2.21 bn euros+19.9%
Travel and Tourismbn euros1.30 bn euros4.96 bn euros-73.9%
Other 5bn euros0.58 bn euros0.59 bn euros-1.2%
REWE Combine Result    
EBITDA4mn euros4,368 mn euros4,064 mn euros+7.5%
EBITA4mn euros1,223 mn euros910 mn euros+34.3%
Annual Profitmn euros415 mn euros;507 mn euros-18.1%
Investments 4, 6mn euros1,894 mn euros1,741 mn euros+8.8%
  • REWE Combine with at-equity entities, shareholdings and independent retailers.
  • According to IFRS
  • Excluding at-equity entities, shareholdings and independent retailers.
  • The prior-year figures were adjusted due to a discontinued operation.
  • The reported revenue comprises the external revenue of the combine headquarters and the segments EHA and IT.
  • Payments for property and intangible assets (CapEx).
  • (*) Revenue development has been adjusted for exchange rate effects.
As of: May 2021