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Management Board and Divisional Board Members


REWE-Zentralfinanz eG, Cologne

The Management Board

Feature story about Lionel Souque
Lionel Souque (CEO)
Retail Germany | Convenience | Independent Retail and Cooperative | Auditing | Corporate Affairs | Executive Development
Feature story about Jan Kunath
Jan Kunath (Deputy CEO)
Retail International | IT
Feature story about Sören Hartmann
Sören Hartmann
Travel and Tourism
Feature story about Dr Christian Mielsch
Dr Christian Mielsch
Finance | Business Administration |
Taxes | Controlling | Mergers and Acquisitions | DIY Store

The Divisional Board Members

Dr Daniela Büchel
Retail Germany
Human Resources/Sustainability

Christoph Eltze
Retail Germany
Customer Analytics & Technology

Marcel Haraszti
Retail International
Full-Range Stores Austria

René Haßfeld
toom Baumarkt DIY Stores

Hilmar Hübers

Michael Jäger
Retail International

Espen B. Larsen
Retail International
Full-Range Stores CEE

Stefan Magel
Retail Germany
Peter Maly
Retail Germany

Christoph Matschke
REWE International
International Business Solutions

Hans-Jürgen Moog
Retail Germany
Goods I & II

Thomas Nonn
REWE Group
Independent Retail & Cooperative

Telerik Schischmanow
Retail Germany
Administration/Services | Goods III

Dr Sven Spork
REWE Group
Corporate Affairs

Patrick Steppe
As of: May 2022