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In 2021, WE once again demonstrated what WE are: full of ideas, strong & diverse, creative & innovative, successful & transparent. All of this is reflected in the 2021 milestones featuring numerous projects and initiatives.
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The Nutri-Score Launch

All REWE store brands’ processed foods now feature the Nutri-Score. This voluntary labelling enables customers to gain a good understanding of food products’ nutritional value at first glance. It assesses both food products’ ingredients, such as calories, protein, fat and fibre, and the proportion of fruit and vegetables that they contain. The rating system ranges from dark green-labelled products (with the letter “A”) through to red-labelled products (with the letter “E”). As such, REWE is providing transparency, helping customers make more conscious food choices and making it even easier for them to achieve a balanced diet.


Travel Agencies Launch the reise-spezialisten.com Portal

The travel agencies previously known as “DER Reisebüros” and now known as “DERTOUR Reisebüros” launch the reise-spezialisten.com portal enabling consumers to find the right travel expert to help them plan their holiday. Customers can search for specific travel destinations or specific types of trips and can view travel professionals’ profiles, which include a brief outline of who they are and list their specific expertise and contact details.

Further Milestones Reached in January

In Austria, the REWE Group steps up its training efforts for apprentices: with around 2,000 apprentices, it is one of the country’s largest trainers // Conway introduces digital delivery tracking for its customers in Belgium // DER Corporate Solutions (the hotel and MICE specialist for the planning of events, trade fairs and incentives of DER Touristik) expands the range of services to include digital events. It can now boast being a one-stop shop for both analogue and digital tailor-made solutions // REWE International AG celebrates the anniversary of its first ever foreign market: 30 years of BILLA in the Czech Republic // Lekkerland expands its product range to include modules with REWE store brands


BILLA Austria

600th Click&Collect Store is Brought on Stream

After just three months of construction, BILLA opens a new store featuring a cutting-edge design in the 21st district of Vienna, which is also the 600th Click&Collect site in Austria. As such, more than half of all BILLA stores in the country now boast this handy service.

A BILLA employee hands a bag of products to a customer at the Click & Collect location
A woman holds a DERTOUR “Conscious Traveller” catalogue
DER Touristik

Catalogue of Sustainable Travel Packages

For the first time ever, DER Touristik launches a catalogue in magazine format (magalog) for its DERTOUR brand featuring sustainable travel packages called “Bewusst Reisen” (“The Conscious Traveller”). Guests can voluntarily offset the CO2 emissions from their entire trip (from their travel and transfers right through to their hotel accommodation) via the climate protection organisation myclimate. The amount for each travel package is calculated and displayed underneath the itinerary.

Further Milestones Reached in February

BILLA launches new BILLA Bio store brand in Austria // BILLA online shop is named “2021 Industry Champion” for providing the best food delivery service in Austria // BILLA launches extensive store modernisation programme in Bulgaria // BILLA Slovakia: construction work on a new central warehouse in Sereď gets under way



Robots in the Plant Warehouse

toom trials the fully automated filling and packaging of plant boxes at the Bottrop plant warehouse. Arranging, filling, packaging and labelling tasks are all carried out here with the help of two robots and their gripper arms. The Bottrop plant warehouse supplies PENNY and REWE stores with more than a million plant-filled boxes a year. Thanks to the robots’ support, the processes in the warehouse can now be conducted more swiftly and more efficiently. 2,400 plant trays can be packed in 1,200 boxes and dispatched to the stores within 60 minutes. Following a successful trial phase, the robots are continuing to support colleagues in the warehouse.

Further Milestones Reached in March

The REWE Group refinances 750 million euros. First sustainability-focused line of credit // Lekkerland and epay unveil digital ID solution for outlets in Germany // BIPA becomes partner for the “Alles gurgelt!” project and guarantees widespread availability of coronavirus tests at over 150 sites in Vienna. In addition to BIPA, all BILLA, BILLA PLUS and PENNY stores are involved in distributing the tests in Austria


BILLA Austria

Launch of the “BILLA Regional Box”

Spanning 11 square metres, the BILLA Regional Box functions as a local store for rural areas. In particular, it showcases local suppliers’ products and contains everyday items.

An exterior photo of a “BILLA Regional Box”
An exterior photo of a BILLA PLUS store
BILLA Austria


Two strong Austrian formats become more closely aligned as MERKUR and BILLA unite under one brand family. MERKUR becomes BILLA PLUS. BILLA PLUS combines the MERKUR store experience with BILLA’s innovative, regional product range. The service and products that are freshly made on site continue to be of the same high quality as ever. Customers also benefit from the popular BILLA store brands, a strong pricing policy and impressive promotions. The merger increases the number of BILLA sites to more than 1,200 (BILLA around 1,100 and MERKUR 144 stores) and the number of employees to over 30,000.

BILLA Czech Republic

“Plan B” Sustainability Strategy

BILLA launches the new “Plan B” sustainability strategy in the Czech Republic, focusing on the following four areas of action: “Green Products”, “Energy, Climate and the Environment”, “Employees” and “Corporate Social Responsibility”. It covers topics such as plastic recycling, reduced use of plastic bags, animal welfare, organic and certified products, improved working conditions for employees, reduced energy consumption by means of photovoltaic systems or modern refrigerators and freezers, and many other measures.

Further Milestones Reached in April

Lekkerland trials self-checkout kiosks in Germany with a hospital operator // Tour operator DERTOUR celebrates 50 years of city breaks and is the market leader in this segment // BIPA is awarded the “berufundfamilie” (“workandfamily”) government certification in Austria and is therefore once again recognised as an excellent employer // In cooperation with a start-up, BILLA and BILLA PLUS trial package pick-up stations at ten sites in Vienna, Graz and Linz and therefore provide customers with additional service


Bee on blooms

Cooperation with GLOBAL 2000

Environmental protection and the protection of insects have been priorities at toom for years. The DIY chain has been working closely with the independent environmental organisation GLOBAL 2000 since the end of 2020 and is the first German DIY chain to step up its efforts to reduce the use of pesticides. toom has been championing plant-related sustainability for years. The collaborative efforts are focused on reducing pesticide pollution for beneficial organisms. A gradual roll-out of the initiative to include all other plant product ranges is now under way.


National Organ Donation Awareness Campaign

PENNY uses Organ Donation Day in Germany as an opportunity to raise its customers’ awareness of this important topic: an officially recognised organ donation ID is printed on every receipt from 3 to 5 June. All customers have to do is complete it and then carry it around with them. As such, PENNY potentially reaches up to 6.5 million customers all around the country during the aforementioned timeframe.

PENNY organ donation ID on the receipt
Further Milestones Reached in May

New Green Building generation: REWE opens a green supermarket of the future in Wiesbaden featuring a rooftop farm and a more sustainable wooden construction // REWE and the EG Group launch a pilot project for a new petrol station shop format, REWE express, at a total of four pilot petrol stations in Munich and Freiburg // 100 per cent fresh meat and poultry (turkey, chicken, beef and pork) from Austria are now also part of the BILLA PLUS product range in Austria // The REWE Group withdraws from its supermarket business in Russia



Pick-up Service Opens Pick-up Stations

Customers can conveniently and easily pick up goods they have ordered online from a pick-up station. Seven stations, similar to package pick-up stations, are brought on stream in Cologne and Berlin by the end of 2021.

DER Touristik Group

Acquisition of Dutch Chain of Travel Agencies

The DER Touristik Group acquires D-reizen, one of the leading online travel sales and travel agency organisations in the Netherlands. The company represents the ideal strategic addition to DER Touristik’s majority shareholding in Prijsvrij in the Netherlands. Together, the two companies create a strong multi-channel unit, bringing together existing online and offline expertise.

Further Milestones Reached in June

REWE cooperates with food express delivery service flink // PENNY introduces the Nutri-Score for organic store brand Naturgut in Germany // PENNY named in the Austrian Retail Reputation Report as the discounter with the best online reputation in Austria // Conway opens a hub for fresh and deep-frozen products at the Courcelles site in Belgium and therefore optimises its deliveries to customers in the south of Belgium // PENNY goes on air in all stores in Hungary with in-store radio station “Radio PENNY FM” // PENNY launches format offensive in Italy. The new store concept focuses on culinary service and includes a deli and a PENNY butcher’s // EHA Austria now also supplies green energy “Made in Austria” to commercial customers // In Romania, PENNY introduces the first exclusive store brand “SuporteRO” together with the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) with around 70 products // In Hungary, PENNY launches an extensive modernisation campaign and connects the first five stores to the new e-shop. A total of 73 stores were renovated in 2021


REWE Group

Aid following Disastrous Flooding in Germany

The REWE Group provides support on many levels following the disastrous flooding in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Bavaria and Saxony: a total of approximately 2.4 million euros from customer and company donations are provided in order to help with reconstructing the affected areas. Many retailers, store managers, store teams and administrative offices provide assistance at short notice without the involvement of any red tape. PENNY, REWE, toom Baumarkt DIY store, nahkauf and Lekkerland donate large volumes of everyday food items and products directly on site and provide assistance in the form of helpers.

55 REWE, nahkauf and PENNY stores are also affected by the disastrous flooding and the REWE Group supports affected employees with a total of 970,000 euros of immediate aid, 493,000 euros of which were collected by colleagues within just a few weeks.

REWE Group

New Climate Target: Climate Neutrality by 2040

The REWE Group signs up to the European Commission’s “EU Code of Conduct for Responsible Business and Marketing Practices”. In doing so, the Group also publishes its new climate strategy: the REWE Group wants to achieve climate neutrality at the company level by 2040. Using consistent measures aimed at reduction and prevention, the Group additionally intends to reduce its absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent by 2030 compared with 2019. This applies to all countries in which the trade and tourism group actively operates in Europe.

Further Milestones Reached in July

Lekkerland: SSP – The Food Travel Experts and REWE open a REWE To Go convenience store in Dresden Central Station. They plan to cooperate on other pilot sites in German train stations // toom trials returnable pallets for transporting plants and therefore ensures a closed material loop // The REWE Group continues to press ahead with its digital business models. By founding the tech subsidiary “paymenttools”, the company develops a stand-alone B2B payment platform for customers and partners



First Discounter Delivery Service with “Bringoo”

In cooperation with the Hamburg-based start-up Bringoo, PENNY is the first German discounter to trial a delivery service in the Greater Cologne/Bonn area. Customers can order products from select stores via the app at identical prices to in store, without a minimum order threshold, and receive them in 45 minutes.

REWE digital

Self-driving Kiosk

The “REWE Snack Mobil” gets going: Europe’s first ever self-driving kiosk, developed by REWE Digital and Vodafone, navigates using cameras, sensors and mobile telephony. The modern kiosk, which carries snacks and drinks on board, is commencing live operations following a two-month trial phase in Carlswerk, Cologne, during which it successfully travelled over 200 kilometres.

Customer at the REWE Snack Mobil
Further Milestones Reached in August

Growth in on-trend segment: DERTOUR Reisebüro launches cooperation with holiday home specialist e-domizil and expands its range of holiday homes and apartments // Austria: BILLA, BILLA PLUS and PENNY customers can get a COVID vaccination without the need to book an appointment whilst they do their grocery shopping // IKI: acquisition of delivery start-up LastMile in Lithuania // BILLA/BILLA PLUS launch a regional offensive in Austria: greater visibility for regional produce and support for Austrian producers by labelling regionally and locally produced goods. Introduction of local partnerships with small and micro suppliers


REWE Group and EHA

Ørsted and the REWE Group Agree on Green Energy Supply from Offshore Wind Farm

The REWE Group has been using green energy from renewable sources since 2008 and is also now the first food retailer to use energy from the North Sea. Energie-Handels-Gesellschaft (EHA), the central energy service provider of the REWE Group, and Ørsted, the world market leader in the planning, construction and operation of offshore wind farms, sign a ten-year corporate power purchase agreement (CPPA).

Eggs in storage trays

Ban on Chick Culling

With immediate effect, REWE bans the culling of millions of male chicks as part of all laying hen breeding methods across the entire shell egg product range of its store brands. As such, the food retailer is an industry pioneer, fulfilling the government’s requirements ahead of schedule. All of the store brands’ fresh eggs are now produced in line with animal welfare practices.

DER Touristik

Boost for Sustainable Travel

The DER Touristik Group and DSR Hotel Holding, a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of Deutsche Seereederei, found the joint venture DR Hospitality GmbH & Co. KG headquartered in Hamburg and Rostock. The aim of their collaborative efforts is to become the market leader in eco-friendly and sustainable tourism in Europe with their 16 hotels and resorts of the brands A-ROSA Resorts & Hideaways, aja and Henri Hotels, Hotel Neptun and Hotel Louis C. Jakob.

Further Milestones Reached in September

Boost for domestic agriculture – the REWE Group increases the guaranteed minimum price for pig farmers and switches to German pork // The REWE Group plans succession: Telerik Schischmanow is appointed to replace Dr Christian Mielsch as REWE Group Management Board Member. The new CFO will take over in mid-2022 // REWE supports the NABU project entitled “Gemeinsam Boden gut machen” (“Making Up Good Ground Together”) and therefore helps to expedite the development of organic farming // PENNY opens flagship store in Cologne designed to strongly reflect the surrounding neighbourhood. Like all neighbourhood stores, it reflects the local vibe // REWE launches new and more eco-friendly store brand “REWE Bio + vegan” // The REWE delivery service expands its range of products and services in Stuttgart // DER Touristik and Futouris e.V. draw up a feasibility study regarding the creation of a CO2 register. The aim is to create a standardised basis for calculating a travel-related climate footprint // Derpart: Thomas Osswald becomes new sole Managing Director // BILLA wins gold for its crisis management during the pandemic and bronze in the “Best Employer” category in Bulgaria // Together with its partner #walk15, IKI sets up an initiative to promote healthier lifestyles in Lithuania



Pick&Go: First Hybrid Supermarket in Cologne Opens Its Doors

REWE is the first German food retailer to now offer its customers hybrid shopping, whereby they can either pay the traditional way at the check-out or pay without having to go to a check-out using the innovative “Pick&Go” method. After an intensive trial phase lasting around five months, the high-tech system is now popular with customers in Cologne as an additional way for them to pay for their everyday purchases. Camera and sensor technology safely records the purchases using minimal data for “Pick & Go” users and automatically charges them once they have left the store without them having to go to a check-out.

Customer holds a mobile phone with QR code in front of a scanner
Photo of the planned logistics centre in Kerpen

Progress in the Construction of the Logistics Centres in Kerpen and Hanover

As part of the “logistics network of the future”, Lekkerland is reorganising its nationwide logistics between now and 2030 in order to ensure that it is well-armed for the expected further growth in eating out. The REWE Group will therefore be investing hundreds of millions of euros in Lekkerland’s logistics over the next few years. In addition to new buildings, this will include extensions and renovation projects.

The topping-out ceremony for the construction site of the new logistics centre in Kerpen near Cologne (shown in the image) takes place in October. Lekkerland will use the facility to supply its customers in the major metropolitan region of Düsseldorf/Cologne/Bonn. The warehouse spanning around 28,000 square metres is expected to begin operations in summer 2022. The construction of a new logistics centre in Wedemark near Hanover is also progressing well. The hall spanning 35,000 square metres will be instrumental in implementing the logistics network of the future as it will house both the central warehouse for northern Germany and a regional warehouse. The site is expected to be added to Lekkerland’s national network in autumn 2022.


PENNY Promotes Energy-efficient Agriculture

The aim of the joint support programme entitled “Zukunftsbauer” (“Future Farmers”) between Molkerei Berchtesgadener Land dairy and PENNY in Germany is to contribute to climate protection and to the survival of family-run Alpine farms. The farmers of the cooperative dairy are supported with up to 10,000 euros per farm in order to help them optimise the energy efficiency of their farms. During the programme’s lifetime, PENNY will give up part of its trade margin on sales of all “Berchtesgadener Land” dairy products. The Berchtesgadener Land dairy will double the amount. By purchasing the products, consumers support the programme and hence help domestic farmers switch to a more sustainable approach to farming.

Two PENNY yoghurt containers with the “Zukunftsbauer” (“Future Farmers”) logo that have been placed in front of a meadow
Further Milestones Reached in October

German food banks receive 2.7 million euros worth of food. 535,000 bags are paid for by customers keen to donate to the “Gemeinsam Teller füllen!” (“Putting Food on People’s Plates Together”) programme run by REWE and nahkauf // Conway wins new customers in Spain. The number of restaurants and outlets it supplies in the country rises considerably // PENNY Germany: vegan store brand Food For Future is made climate-neutral. PENNY offsets over 16,000 tonnes of CO2 via climate and forest protection projects in Peru and Germany // Lekkerland founds the new business unit Convenience Retail Solutions in the Netherlands, which provides concepts and solutions specifically for Dutch petrol station shops // toom Baumarkt DIY store is once again named “Retailer of the Year” and wins the Webshop Award for the toom online shop // BILLA opens its first store in Austria with GREENPASS certification for particularly ecological construction and energy efficiency // Conway expands warehouse capacity for fresh and deep-frozen products at the Quer site in Spain // PENNY launches pilot e-shop in Pilsen in the Czech Republic


An exterior photo of PENNY store in Otopeni
PENNY Romania

Championing Sustainability

By introducing BREEAM, the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for buildings, PENNY commits to making all stores in Romania more environmentally friendly by 2029. As such, PENNY has positioned itself in Romania as an international market leader with regard to sustainable construction. What’s more, conservation of resources, carbon footprint reduction, support for the circular economy and e-mobility, conservation of biodiversity and local fauna, an increase in convenience for PENNY customers and an increase in the well-being of PENNY employees are also key assessment criteria. The stores are to be recertified every three years. The PENNY store in Otopeni is named as the most sustainable building in central and eastern Europe at the 2021 BREEAM Awards. The new PENNY logistics centre in Filiași, which was brought on stream at the end of 2021, also features cutting-edge technology and now has over 1,200 photovoltaic modules with an installed capacity of 650 kWp, charging stations for electric cars and a central monitoring system for thermal and electrical consumption, which is integrated into REWE International AG’s central system in Vienna. The warehouse simultaneously supplies around 50 stores and guarantees shorter delivery routes, fresher products and lower CO2 emissions.

REWE Group

E-mobility: More Electric Charging Points

The REWE Group concludes strategic partnerships with Shell and EnBW. The aim is to build one of the largest and most cutting-edge fast charging point networks in Germany. The plan is for up to 2,000 fast charging points to be installed at more than 400 select owned properties (REWE and PENNY) and additional leased properties by the end of 2024. During the same time period, the REWE Group will strive to install up to 4,000 other charging points at existing leased properties and new constructions. As such, the plan is for over 6,000 electric charging points to be installed at PENNY and REWE stores across Germany by 2024.

Further Milestones Reached in November

PENNY announces the 2021 Förderpenny prize winners in Germany. A total of 266,000 euros is handed out nationwide as part of 123 prizes // PENNY opens its 400th store in Italy // PENNY opens a prototype for a sustainable store with a photovoltaic system on the roof in Brunn am Gebirge, Austria


DER Touristik

DER Reisebüros Become DERTOUR

The DER Reisebüros are now called DERTOUR Reisebüros. Service standards, the quality of the advice on offer and the range of products and services provided will stay the same: the DERTOUR Reisebüros will continue to put together the perfect travel packages for customers from all the 100+ brands offered to date on an impartial basis.

An exterior photo of the entrance to a DERTOUR travel agency
Further Milestones Reached in December

The REWE Group: Jan Kunath is to remain the Deputy Chief Executive Officer until the end of 2025 // REWE pick-up service opens first pick-up point for purchases ordered online in Hamburg. Two further pick-up points are set to open by April 2022 // PENNY opens its 300th store in Romania // BIPA supports an initiative for tackling domestic abuse in Austria and prints emergency telephone numbers for victims to use on receipts. The initiative is implemented in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior