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Verkäufer reicht Brötchen über die Theke.
An employee hands bread rolls across the counter
Photo of the planned logistics centre in Hanover

Investments in Logistics

Demand for fresh or refrigerated snacks for on-the-go consumption is rising. The REWE Group will be investing hundreds of millions of euros in Lekkerland’s logistics over the next few years in order to continue to significantly expand capacity and the ability to offer these product ranges. In addition to new buildings, this will include extensions and renovation projects. You can read more about the “Logistiknetzwerk der Zukunft“ (logistics network of the future) here.

Lekkerland Milestones

Perfect for
on the Go

The pandemic has further increased requirements for on-the-go consumption: people want better quality, more fresh products, improved hygiene standards, and, of course, everything has to be fast. Lekkerland is fine-tuning concepts to help shop operators to run successful businesses.

“5 instead of 3” perfectly sums up the way the eating patterns of many people living in Germany have changed in recent years. Gone are the days when people used to eat just the traditional three meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner. These days they are much more inclined to eat up to five times a day. The meals involve smaller portions and are more often eaten on the go. Studies show that two in three members of the generation born around the turn of the millennium are replacing traditional meals with snacks. Snacks are quick and convenient and can be incorporated nicely into a person’s daily life, especially now that we are a society of people who are increasingly on the go.

And it is not just about quickly satisfying a hunger or quenching a thirst – sometimes consumers who are on the go simply want to treat themselves to a delicious ice cream or a chocolate bar. Consumers are also becoming increasingly discerning about what they buy when they eat out as they want to ensure that they are making good choices. Snacks should be freshly prepared, properly refrigerated and hygienically packaged, and vegetarian and vegan options are popular, too. “These days, consumers want a broad range of good-quality products to choose from even when they’re on the go. They want to treat themselves to something delicious whilst also feeling that they are eating healthily”, explains Patrick Steppe, CEO of Lekkerland SE.

Eating on the go whenever and wherever, buying snacks quickly and easily and also being able to choose healthy options are the current eating-out trends. They represent growth opportunities for food retailers, petrol station shops, news stands, bakeries and all other outlets for on-the-go consumption.

The coronavirus pandemic has made consumers more concerned with hygiene than ever before. As a result, demand for cashless payments has increased, as has demand for digital services and self-service options, from self-service coffee and snack machines to self-checkouts. Businesses that don’t respond to this demand won’t keep up with the competition.

Interior photo of the REWE To Go store in Cologne Central Station
REWE To Go store
in Cologne Central Station.

Matching each site to the right concept

Lekkerland provides its customers and partners with a wide variety of products, concepts and services in order to help them impress on-the-go consumers, make outlets more attractive and ensure customer loyalty. A prime example here is REWE To Go, the store format for petrol station shops and other very busy sites such as those in train stations, pedestrian precincts and airports. In these stores spanning up to 300 square metres, customers can quickly and easily make their purchases, which tend to involve products for immediate consumption such as fresh pastries, sliced fruit, salads, vegetables and desserts as well as sandwiches and wraps made in store. The stores also offer hot daily specials and soups which always include vegetarian options, so all the food that rushed customers want either for now or for later. They want their meals to be well balanced, delicious, healthy and easy to eat.

Anyone who is pushed for time won’t want to waste any of it food shopping. As such, REWE To Go customers can easily get a gourmet coffee at the push of a button from vending machines at many sites. Self-checkouts help to reduce waiting times, which is something that customers particularly appreciated during the pandemic. “Following our relaunch of the REWE To Go concept, we now offer an even more modular approach to our product ranges. As such, we can supply each and every site with the appropriate product ranges. REWE’s strong private labels also enable us to quickly and easily feature innovative products in the convenience channel”, says Hilmar Hübers, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Lekkerland.

If you’re not progressing and making improvements, you’re standing still. Lekkerland is increasingly working with its customers and partners to fine-tune modern self-service solutions for a wide variety of different sites and distribution channels, and is therefore also frequently testing out brand-new formats at the same time. Prime examples include a kiosk without any sales staff but with a self-checkout (a pilot project for the hospital operator Sana Kliniken) and a kiosk without any sales staff at a petrol station in the Netherlands. Perhaps this is the future. After all, the Netherlands currently has more than 2,100 petrol stations without any service staff or a shop.

»These days, consumers want a broad range of good-quality products to choose from even when they’re on the go. They want to treat themselves to something delicious whilst also feeling that they are eating healthily.«

Patrick Steppe
CEO of Lekkerland SE

Attractive product ranges for the on-the-go consumption

New concepts and formats are one thing, but Lekkerland is also constantly developing new product ranges for shop operators. Even though sandwiches rank amongst on-the-go consumers’ favourite options and chocolate bars and the like continue to be popular, consumers want more. The pandemic is further increasing demand for fresh products for on-the-go consumption. Many company canteens as well as restaurants and snack bars had to close at least temporarily. However, consumers still want a fresh yet short and snappy lunch. They want hygienically packaged food for on the go. Lekkerland’s answer to this is Go Fresh. The successful private label takes account of several trends and was expanded last year to include new products and recipes. Classics such as ham sandwiches, meatballs with potato salad and fresh pineapple for dessert are now sitting alongside on-trend products such as lentil falafel wraps, quinoa mixed salads and ginger shots. The high-quality contents are also always attractively packaged.

The new Go Fresh products are just the start. Lekkerland is continuously unveiling new products for other private labels – and benefiting from the REWE Group’s retail expertise. “As such, we’re combining the best of both worlds. This is benefiting both our customers, namely petrol station shops and other convenience stores, and consumers”, emphasises Patrick Steppe.